Hiking trails and paths

220 km of hiking trails and paths is regulated, boarding, sea and inland. Countless opportunities are easy walks along the beach or more demanding hikes, in the fragrant surroundings of lush vegetation Lošinj.

Lungomare and light hiking trails

These are designed to appeal to a broad variety of walkers, and follow the coastline of the island, passing bays and inlets, as well as weaving through centuries-old pine forests. The trails that are closer to the town and hotels are paved, and make for less demanding hiking trails. Those in the south of the island will lead you to secluded beaches.

Tougher hiking trails

These walks are intended only for seasoned hikers and mountaineers, and include some steeper stretches, as well as normally inaccessible terrains. The attraction of such routes is undoubtedly the unspoiled nature and numerous viewpoints, which offer magnificent views of the archipelago.

Mount Sveti Ivan (St. John)

These walks are of intermediate difficulty, with some less demanding climbs (from Veli Losinj and Krivica bay). You'll experience perfect vistas of Veli Losinj and the islands of Ilovik, Male and Vela Orjule. The paths are interspersed by seaside promenades. Access is possible from both Mali and Veli Losinj.

Mountainclimbing on “Osorscica” Osor - Nerezine

Mountain climbing on “Osorscica” Osor - Nerezine - which straddles the north of the island of Losinj across 10 kilometres has its highest peak at Televrin (588 m). Osorscica is one of the foremost mountains of the Adriatic islands, having attracted swathes of tourists, among whom we must mention the Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg, who climbed Osorscica back in 1887. The summit can be reached from two directions, Osor or Nerezine, and a beautiful panoramic view of the Losinj archipelago awaits you as a reward. On your way up, don’t forget to visit the church of St. Mikul, situated below the peak, as well as the St. Gaudencije cave. You’ll find refreshment in a mountaintop hut, which is open daily in the summer months, and opens only at weekends for the rest of the year.

NOTE: The islands of the Cres-Losinj archipelago have no poisonous snakes. According to legend, these islands were blessed by Holy Gaudencije, thereby banishing such snakes. Although scientists still cannot explain the real reason behind this phenomenon, we believe the legend.

Other activities

  • • In Veli Losinj, Cikat bay and Suncana uvala in Mali Losinj, there are a wide variety of water sports on offer, including windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, etc.
  • Parents, take your children to experience a world of fun on the water – at the Aqua Park for children in Cikat
  • Tennis courts:
    • in Mali Losinj in Cikat Bay - near the hotel "Bellevue" - 5 clay courts,
    • and in the Suncana uvala - near the hotel "Aurora" - 10 clay courts
    • in Veli Losinj - near the hotel "Punta" - 13 clay courts
  • The only way to truly experience the wonder of the sea with its underwater treasures is by diving into its depths. Losinj boasts many popular and attractive locations for diving. A number of underwater caves, peaks, plateaus, submersed ridges, and a wealth of underwater flora and fauna await you.
    • Diver Sport Center - Cikat bb, Mali Losinj
    • Diving center Sumartin - St. Martin, 41, Mali Losinj
  • Go-kart near Losinj Airport, which is situated 8 kilometres from Mali Losinj.
  • To truly experience the island, we suggest that you rent a boat and start exploring the many bays and coves that aren’t accessible by land
    • Boat Rentals GOF: GSM 098 431 715
    • Boat Rentals NADIR: GSM 098 227 945
  • Come and try skydiving, where you can see for yourself that the sky is never the limit, and let the beauty of the Losinj archipelago from the air enchant you forever!